Episode 11: Show Notes and Sources

  1. History’s Greatest Monster – What’s the worst thing Trump has done so far in 100 days?
    1. Travis – Appointed terrible people to his cabinet…those he actually did appoint anyway.
    2. Christina – I don’t know that I want to explicitly rank things
    3. Dave – Allowed states to defund planned parenthood
    4. Bob – Travel Bans or hires
  2. Super quick recap of the week
    1. Russiaa
      1. Investigation
        1. Former acting Attorney General Sally Yates and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper are scheduled to appear before the House committee on May 8.
        2. FBI Director James Comey and National Security Adviser Mike Rogers — who already testified at an open hearing last month — will also appear before the committee in a closed hearing on May 2.
        3. The Senate investigation, unlike the House investigation, is taking place almost entirely behind closed doors and is reportedly stagnating.
        4. http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2017/04/25/525542524/yates-clapper-to-testify-in-open-house-hearing-on-russian-election-meddling#
        5. House Intelligence Committee has selected 36-48 people to testify
          1. List includes Jared Kushner, Michael Flynn, Roger Stone, Carter Page, added to the list of people announced last week – Sally Yates, John Brennan, James Clapper
      2. Flynn
        1. Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn may have violated U.S. law by failing to disclose his business dealings with Russia and Turkey, the leader of the House Oversight Committee said.
        2. “As a former military officer, you simply cannot take money from Russia, Turkey or anybody else,” Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz, a Utah Republican, told reporters Tuesday after reviewing documents from the Defense Intelligence Agency concerning the retired Army lieutenant general. “I see no data to support the notion that General Flynn complied with the law.”
        3. Cummings also released an April 19 letter from the White House, saying the administration was refusing to fulfill a bipartisan request to provide documents on Flynn’s payments and security clearances. In the letter, Marc Short, director of legislative affairs, said some requests should be directed to the Defense Department and that the White House was “unable” to hand over other documents.
        4. Pentagon has opened an investigation into Flynn. The rule is that any former military officer must receive permission from the Pentagon to receive funds from a foreign entity. Flynn did not do that
    2. Government Shutdown / Budget Talks
      1. UPDATE – CR passed congress to provide funding for one more week
      2. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2017/04/25/president-trump-just-had-his-bluff-called-again/?tid=sm_tw_pp&utm_term=.a75d26b380b0&wprss=rss_the-fix
      3. Trump over the weekend that he wants money for the border wall, abandoned 24hrs later
      4. Democrats said they would not sign a new budget or CR with border wall money included. Would sign if border security, technology and agent, monies were included
      5. Threats were made about defunding the ACA if Democrats didn’t sign bill with wall $
      6. For the second time in two major legislative battles, the Trump White House has issued an ultimatum — only to back down.
        1. In the health care debate, the president was going to force a House vote on the package and dare skeptical Republicans to vote against replacing Obamacare, before abandoning that plan in the face of defeat.
        2. And now, in the government funding debate, he’s backing off his previous demand that Congress approve funding for his border wall.
      7. Trump showed even more flexibility Monday afternoon, telling conservative journalists in a private meeting that he was open to delaying funding for wall construction until September, a White House official confirmed.
      8. A short-term spending agreement to keep the federal government open for another week overwhelmingly passed Congress on Friday.
      9. The House voted 382 to 30 on Friday to approve the deal and the Senate unanimously approved it a short time later. House and Senate negotiators are set to work through the weekend to finalize a longer-term deal that would fund the government through the end of the fiscal year in September
    3. Federal Judge blocks Trump’s attempt to strip federal funds from sanctuary cities
      1. A judge in San Francisco blocked President Donald Trump from withholding funds from so-called sanctuary cities that give safe harbor to undocumented immigrants, marking the administration’s second major policy initiative declared likely unconstitutional.
      2. San Francisco and its Silicon Valley neighbor, Santa Clara County, on Tuesday both won preliminary orders shelving the Jan. 25 edict by Trump, who threatened the budgets of cities nationwide that fail to comply with federal immigration demands.
      3. Trump has declared that sanctuary jurisdictions cause “immeasurable harm to the American people and to the very fabric of our republic.” But U.S. District Judge William Orrick agreed with the city and county that the the president’s order violated the Constitution in threatening to deprive them of funding for local programs. The federal government may ask the U.S. Court of Appeals in San Francisco to overturn the ruling.
      4. https://www.bloomberg.com/politics/articles/2017-04-25/trump-s-sanctuary-cities-order-blocked-by-federal-judge?utm_content=politics&utm_campaign=socialflow-organic&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&cmpid%3D=socialflow-twitter-politics
  3. History of the First 100 Days as a thing – what have other presidents accomplished?
    1. Barack Obama (#44)
      1. By the numbers
        1. Executive orders signed: 19
        2. Laws passed/signed: 11
        3. Previous administration’s Executive Orders revoked: 9
        4. Approval rating: 65%
        5. Nominees formally submitted/confirmed by Senate: 190/69
      2. The Good
        1. Expanding health insurance coverage for children in low-income households
        2. The passage of the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, an initiative to combat wage discrimination
        3. Obama issued an order “removing barriers to responsible scientific research involving human stem cells,”
        4. Obama got Congress to pass a $787 billion economic stimulus plan.
        5. Obama implemented new ethics guidelines that are designed to curtail the influence of lobbyists.
        6. Obama announced the phased withdrawal of combat troops from Iraq, while sending an additional 4,000 troops to Afghanistan.
        7. Passed budget which makes healthcare reform possible
        8. Saved the crew of the Maersk Alabama when it was taken over by Somali pirates. Navy marksmen shot the abductors dead
      3. The Bad
        1. Health and Human Services secretary nomination of Tom Daschle, withdrawn
    2. George W. Bush (#43)
      1. By the numbers
        1. Executive orders signed: 11
        2. Laws passed/signed: 7
        3. Previous administration’s Executive Orders revoked: 4
        4. Approval rating 62%
        5. Nominees formally submitted/confirmed by Senate: 85/35
      2. The Good
        1. Passed the $1.6 Trillion tax cut in the House of Reps, signed in June 2001
        2. Only six days after taking office, President Bush sent his No Child Left Behind education reform plan to Congress. The bill, H.R. 1, was the first major piece of legislation passed for the new president.
        3. Enforced no-fly zone in Iraq with airstrikes
      3. The Bad
        1. signed an executive order creating White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives. The office focused solely on helping religious or “faith-based” groups obtain federal tax dollars.
        2. Bush rolled back some of the Clinton era environmental regulations. He also announced that the U.S. was abandoning the Kyoto Protocol, and began his push to allow drilling in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge.
        3. Failed to act on blue-ribbon commission report urging changes to homeland security, or on warning signs before terror attacks 9/11
        4. American spy plane collided with Chinese fighter jet. Had to land in China
    3. Bill Clinton (#42) had a rocky start
      1. By the numbers
        1. Executive orders signed: 13
        2. Laws passed/signed: 24
        3. Previous administration’s Executive Orders revoked: 2
        4. Approval rating: 55%
        5. Nominees formally submitted/confirmed by Senate: 176/49
      2. The Good
        1. $1.5 trillion budget outline through Congress in record time, detailed outline April
        2. Responded to Boris Yeltsin’s request for help at summit in Vancouver, pledging $1b aid
        3. Passing the family leave bill, also known as FMLA Family Medical Leave Act
        4. The dismantling of the Reagan-Bush restrictions on abortion.
        5. Implemented Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, where homosexuals can serve in the military – Not really the best solution but it was a big step at the time.
      3. The Bad
        1. A snakebit search for an attorney general
        2. The bungled sales job on his stimulus package.
        3. The result has been a flurry of articles bemoaning a lack of focus in the White House and a general dulling of the sharp sense of purpose outlined in Mr. Clinton’s campaign.
        4. Leon Panetta, his Budget Director, told reporters that Mr. Clinton must do “a better job of picking and choosing the battles he wants to go through.” Specifically, Mr. Panetta implored Mr. Clinton to delay health care reform until the fall, and said that piling a revolution in health care on top of everything else, including new taxes on energy and Social Security, could invite general legislative carnage and threaten the deficit-reduction strategy on which Mr. Clinton has staked his Presidency.
        5. Clinton also got into hot water over new limits on news media access to senior communications aides and over the firing of the White House travel office staffers who were replaced with Clinton friends.
        6. WACO
        7. Assigning first lady Hillary Clinton to head healthcare task force
    4. Trump’s First 100 Days
      1. By the numbers
        1. Executive orders signed: 77
        2. Laws passed/signed: 28, though mostly of minor importance
        3. Previous administration’s Executive Orders revoked:
        4. Approval Rating: 43%
        5. Nominees formally submitted/confirmed by Senate: 24/22
      2. The Good
        1. Neil Gorsuch confirmed for SCOTUS – Arguably bad.
        2. Reauthorized NASA for $19.5 Billion, $200 million increase
        3. Responded to Syrian gas attacks by bombing airfield – Also Arguably bad.
      3. The Bad
        1. Proposal to repeal and replace ACA failed
        2. Two immigration ban/orders blocked by federal courts
        3. National Security Advisor Michael Flynn forced to resign
        4. Jeff Sessions forced to recuse himself
        5. Russia hacking/election help
        6. Tax reform in trouble, Trump wants 15% corp rate, Ryan wants 20%. Depending on final language could add Trillions to the national debt
        7. He has struck down at least 10 important Obama regulations, pertaining to clean streams, internet privacy and gun purchases by the mentally ill,
  4. 100 Days Quiz
  5. No promise, no promise, you’re the promise – 100 day version
    1. ACA repeal on Day 1 of administration
    2. Label China currency manipulator
    3. Release tax returns if Trump wins
    4. Muslim Ban
    5. Sue sexual assault/harassment/misconduct accusers after election
    6. Enact term limits
    7. Appointment special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton
    8. Reduce federal regulations – KEPT
    9. Lifetime ban on white house officials lobbying for foreign government – KEPT
    10. Defund Planned Parenthood – KEPT
    11. Build Keystone XL Pipeline – KEPT
    12. Nominate judge to SCOTUS – KEPT
    13. Renegotiate IRAN deal
    14. Develop plan to defeat ISIS within 30 days
    15. Ask countries to pay requested 2% into NATO – kinda KEPT
    16. Build wall between Mexico and U.S. and Mexico will pay for it
    17. Cancel funding for sanctuary cities – OVERRULED by judge
    18. Withdrawn from the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) – KEPT
    19. Renegotiate NAFTA
    20. Not take vacations
    21. Save the Carrier Plant in Indiana – KEPT (but delaying the inevitable)
    22. Scale back the EPA
    23. Reverse Obama 2016 gun executive order – KEPT
  6. Sexual Assault Awareness Month Awareness Month – Donald Trump
  7. General Quarters
    1. Call your representatives and senators
      1. Ask for an independent investigation into Trump’s links with Russia.  Also, ask them to hold town halls.
  8. Super Happy Fun Time
    1. Travis –
      1. Bloomberg Philanthropies donated $3million to organizations that provide career training for coal workers.
      2. http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/bloomberg-gives-3-million-to-coal-worker-retraining/
    2. Bob
    3. Christina
    4. Dave – Alex Jones from InfoWars lost custody of his kids