Episode 07: Show Notes and Sources

  1. History’s Greatest Monster
    1. Annoyed that a president under FBI investigation is allowed to submit lifetime appointments
    1. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/03/28/us/politics/devin-nunes-house-intelligence-committee-russia.html?ref=politics
    2. http://www.npr.org/2017/03/28/521776396/trump-supporter-or-investigator-5-problems-for-devin-nunes-and-the-trump-white-h
    3. How the fuck can this guy lead an impartial inquiry – so much obvious collusion with Forty-five (vicariously, at least)
      1. Member of 45’s transition team
      2. Vocal supporter of 45’s campaign
      3. Ducked over to white house to discuss alleged new information to the investigation. In addition to just the fact that he did this, he discussed this info before telling *anyone else*; not even the other members of the House Intelligence Committee *in his own party*. (info-mishandling)
    1. Travis – Jared Kushner.  Meeting with Sergei Kislyak and Sergei Gorkov about…nothing according to the White House.  He’s the seventh Trump associate asked to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee.  Also, Trump’s son-in-law.
    2. Dave – Matt Bevin for saying that ‘Energy regulation… “And regulation that’s frankly not based on science, it’s not based on anything where it’s been proven in any way shape or form that it actually helps anyone.” Also for vetoing several bills that were good ideas and passed overwhelmingly in a republican controlled congress
    3. Bob – Mitch McConnell – Senate vote on Gorsuch announced for April 7th
    4. Curtis – Nunes (see “Russia (MOSCOOOW)” below)
  2. “The big list” –
    1. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-politics/wp/2017/03/30/trump-says-we-must-fight-hard-line-conservative-freedom-caucus-in-2018-midterm-elections/?hpid=hp_hp-top-table-main_trumptweet-940a%3Ahomepage%2Fstory
    2. Declared that the Freedom Caucus would “hurt the entire Republican agenda if they don’t get on the team, & fast. We must fight them, & Dems, in 2018!”
    3. Tweet comes before spending bill that must be approved before April 28th to prevent a government shutdown.  Might be tough for Trump with 32 angry Freedom Caucus members fighting against him.
    1. Michael Flynn’s Request for Immunity Denied by Senate Intelligence Committee.
      1. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/michael-flynn-immunity-turned-down-rejected-senate-intel-committee-trump-russia-a7660696.html
      2. Trying to avoid another Iran-Contra, do they have enough dirt without Flynn flipping, or is Sen. Burr pulling a Nunes-esque manuever?
      3. Trump tweeted, “Mike Flynn should ask for immunity in that this is a witch hunt (excuse for big election loss), by media & Dems, of historic proportion!”
    2. Russia hired more than 1000 people to create anti-Clinton fake news in key US states.
      1. “I created this list of Russian trolls when I was researching. And I check on it once in a while, still. And a lot of them have turned into conservative accounts, like fake conservatives. I don’t know what’s going on, but they’re all tweeting about Donald Trump and stuff,”
      1. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/russian-trolls-hilary-clinton-fake-news-election-democrat-mark-warner-intelligence-committee-a7657641.html
      2. Senate Democrat Mark Warner and Republican Richard Burr appeared together to make the announcement.
      3. States targeted included Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, which all fell narrowly and unexpectedly to Trump.
      4. According to Journalist Adam Chen, who has been investigating these Russia-hired trolls, They’re still active and attempting to drum up support for Trump.
    3. House Intelligence Meetings Cancelled.
      1. http://m.dailykos.com/story/2017/3/26/1647428/-BOMBSHELL-Devin-Nunes-Entire-Net-Worth-Sunk-In-Company-With-Strong-Ties-To-Russia
      1. http://www.mcclatchydc.com/news/politics-government/congress/article141234323.html
      2. Comey and Rogers did cancel meeting Monday 3/27 due to schedule conflicts
      3. Committee Chairman Devin Nunes’s declaration Tuesday that “until [FBI Director James B.] Comey comes forward, it’s hard for us to move forward with interviews and depositions” comes as an indefinite stop order on a roster of expected interviews and testimony, from top Trump campaign surrogates to top intelligence and law enforcement officials serving during the election and transition period.
      1. http://www.nbcnews.com/politics/congress/house-intel-committee-cancels-meetings-amid-calls-nunes-step-down-n739361
      2. Calls intensify to have Nunes recuse himself from investigation due to his mis-handling of information, by giving them to Trump before the committee
      3. Oh, by the way, Nunes’s entire net work is tied up in a winery who’s number one European customer is Luding Trading Company, Russias largest wine distributor with close Putin ties. (not the best source, but it’s publicly available info)
      4. Nunes never scheduled a follow-up meeting with Comey or Rogers.
    4. Trump Administration sought to block Sally Yates from testifying in front of Congress about Russia.
      1. https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/trump-administration-sought-to-block-sally-yates-from-testifying-to-congress-on-russia/2017/03/28/82b73e18-13b4-11e7-9e4f-09aa75d3ec57_story.html?utm_term=.25b957882ec7?tid=a_breakingnews&hpid=hp_no-name_no-name%3Apage%2Fbreaking-news-bar
      2. The administration considers a great deal of her possible testimony to be barred from discussion in a congressional hearing because the topics are covered by the presidential communication privilege.
      3. Yates’ lawyer sent a letter Friday to the White House lawyer, McGahn, saying that any claim of privilege “has been waived as a result of the multiple public comments of current senior White House officials describing the January 2017 communications. Nevertheless, I am advising the White House of Ms. Yates’ intention to provide information.’’
      4. Devin Nunes, announced he would not go forward with the public hearing that was to feature Yates’ testimony.
    5. Sean Spicer says that the investigation is closed
      1. https://www.google.com/url?q=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.independent.co.uk%2Fnews%2Fworld%2Famericas%2Fsean-spicer-donald-trump-russia-case-closed-fbi-investigation-house-senate-inltelligence-committees-a7655661.html&sa=D&sntz=1&usg=AFQjCNFmPzrVHvJfJcZhI4ikazb7bBYDSA
    6. Senate Intelligence committee is starting Thursday
      1. SIC chairman wants to avoid becoming a Nunes?
      2. Burr said, “When we started this, we saw the scope and what was involved. I said it was the most important thing I’d ever taken on in my public life. I believe that more firmly now than even when we started. We’re gonna get it right…”
      1. Wants to question 20 people
      2. Richard Burr(R) and Mark Warner(D) pledge that they “must and will get this right”
      3. The Senate Intelligence Committee’s investigation has garnered increased intention as the House investigation has stalled along partisan lines related to its chairman, Rep. Devin Nunes, and his communication with the White House related to the incidental collection of President Donald Trump and his aides.
      4. http://www.cnn.com/2017/03/29/politics/senate-intelligence-committee-conference/index.html?sr=twCNN032917senate-intelligence-committee-conference0708PMVODtopPhoto&linkId=35984626
      5. http://www.npr.org/2017/03/30/522091592/senate-intel-committee-eager-to-avoid-partisanship-in-russia-investigation
    1. Trump Vows to Fight Freedom Caucus in 2018 midterms.
    2. Russia (MOSCOOOW)


    1. Trump branded “National Embarrassment” after handing fake invoice for NATO charges to Angela Merkel.
      1. Trump becomes international embarrassment by pulling this stunt
      2. Claims its what is owed by Germany for 12 years of low payment plus interest
      3. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/donald-trump-angela-merkel-nato-bill-defence-ignore-usa-germany-spending-a7650636.html
      4. Mr Trump reportedly instructed aides to calculate how much German spending fell below two per cent over the past 12 years, then added interest.
      1. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/donald-trump-nato-invoice-made-up-300-million-angela-merkel-white-house-meeting-germany-a7651521.html
      2. NATO members are supposed to spend 2% of their GDP on defense, Germany spends 1.23% and has pledged to increase their spending. (This is what the “bill” was supposed to be for)
      3. Denied by Sean Spicer…so double confirmed?
      4. Trump hands Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel a bill for $300 billion (moved from LR
    2. US Military Says it Launched Strike Against ISIS That Allegedly Kill 100 now 200 People.
      1. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/checkpoint/wp/2017/03/25/u-s-military-acknowledges-strike-on-mosul-site-where-over-100-were-allegedly-killed/
      2. http://www.latimes.com/world/middleeast/la-fg-mosul-civilians-airstrike-20170324-story.html
      3. Attacked was launched into Mosul, which is a densely populated city.
      4. Strike was requested by Iraqi security forces.
      5. It’s thought that the missile struck a car bomb which increased the civilian casualty count.
      6. Was blamed on ISIS hiding in buildings that are populated by civilians
      7. The U.S.-led coalition in Iraq is investigating whether it was responsible for an airstrike in the west Mosul neighborhood of Aghawat Jadidah March 17 that local civil defense officials said killed at least 200. It would be the highest civilian death toll from an airstrike since the battle against the militant group Islamic State began more than two years ago and among the deadliest incidents in modern warfare.
    3. Donald Trump Signs Executive Order overhauling Obama’s Climate Change Reforms.
      1. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/donald-trump-climate-change-barack-obama-rollback-executive-order-a7654866.html
      2. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/energy-environment/wp/2017/03/29/trump-promised-to-bring-back-coal-jobs-that-promise-will-not-be-kept-experts-say/
      3. Suspends, rescinds, or flags for review at least 6 of Obama’s measures.
      4. Trump administration trying to increase production of fossil fuels.
      5. Coal jobs (we will bring them back!) have been on the decline for past 30 years. Almost 4 times as many solar energy jobs (mostly installers) than coal (260k vs 70k)
      6. Experts in the industry have already pointed out, repeatedly, that the coal jobs are extremely unlikely to come back. The plight of the coal industry is more a function of changing energy markets and increased demand for natural gas than anything else.
      7. Coal is not coming back, natural gas energy is too cheap right now
      8. But industry experts say coal mining jobs will continue to be lost, not because of blocked access to coal, but because power plant owners are turning to natural gas. At least six plants that relied on coal have closed or announced they will close since Trump’s victory in November, including the main plant at the Navajo Generating Station in Arizona, the largest in the West. Another 40 are projected to close during the president’s four-year term.
      9. As power companies switch fuels, “the amount of coal in the national energy generation mix (both Fuels and Electricity Generation) has declined by 53 percent since 2006,” according to a Department of Energy report released in January. Over the same period, electricity generation from natural gas increased 33 percent.
      10. Coal has another problem that dogs power companies: health. Studies have shown that the risk of death from heart disease, including heart attacks, was five times higher for people who breathed pollution from coal emissions over 20 years than for those who were exposed to other types of air pollution. Burning coal releases fine particles with a potent mix of toxins, including benzene, mercury, arsenic and selenium.
      11. Coal industry employes approximately 76,500, per Census Bureau’s County Business Patterns program, which allows for detailed comparisons with many other industries, the coal industry employed 76,572 people in 2014, the latest year for which data is available. 76,000 might seem like a large number, consider that similar numbers of people are employed by, say, the bowling (69,088) and skiing (75,036) industries. Other dwindling industries, such as travel agencies (99,888 people), employ considerably more. Used-car dealerships provide 138,000 jobs. Theme parks provide nearly 144,000. Carwash employment tops 150,000.
    4. Jared Kushner gets his own office with broad powers
      1. http://www.philly.com/philly/blogs/real-time/Report-Jared-Kushner-had-undisclosed-meeting-with-head-of-Russian-bank-under-sanctions.html
      2. Also met with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak (Same guy Michael Flynn got in trouble for meeting)
      3. Second meeting was with Sergey Gorkov, head of state owned Russian bank Vnesheconombank which is under sanctions since the annexation of Crimea in 2014.
        1. Meetings confirmed by Russian bank: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/jared-kushner-russia-bank-vnesheconombank-donald-trump-son-in-law-ukraine-ivanka-husband-us-senate-a7654156.html
      4. Both meetings confirmed by White House spokeswoman Hope Hicks.  Said, “Nothing of consequence was discussed.”
      1. Also had undisclosed meeting with head of Russian bank while it was under sanctions.
      2. Trump taps Jared Kushner to lead a ‘SWAT team’ to fix government with business ideas
      3. He’s also supposed to fix the opioid crisis and bring peace to the Middle East
    5. States looking to expand Medicaid after AHCA failed (Kansas specifically here)
      1. When Trump was elected, all 4 states canceled expansion plans.
      1. http://www.npr.org/2017/03/20/520821758/as-aca-repeal-vote-nears-kansas-debates-expanding-medicaid
      2. Not expanding Medicaid has cost the state $1.7billion
      3. Currently, Kansas limits Medicaid eligibility to children and pregnant women in low-income families, people with developmental and physical disabilities, and seniors who cannot afford nursing home care. Parents are eligible only if they earn less than a third of the federal poverty level, or about $9,200 annually for a four-person family.
      4. Single adults without children are not eligible.
      5. Expansion would qualify all Kansans earning up to 138 percent of the poverty level, annually about $16,642 for individuals and $33,465 for a family of four.
      6. An estimated 300,000 Kansans would qualify for coverage under expansion, though only about half that number are expected to initially enroll.
      7. Kansas and North Carolina–are already working toward becoming the 32nd and 33rd states to expand Medicaid  under the ACA
      8. Before Trump was elected, Georgia, Idaho, Nebraska and South Dakota were considering Medicaid expansion.
  1. Lightning Round
    1. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/donald-trump-scraps-obama-anti-wage-theft-protections-a7654241.html
    2. The rule penalised businesses that violated wage and safety laws by revoking their government contracts if they repeated too many offences.
    3. The rule forced companies to report when they violated civil rights, health and safety regulations, and minimum wage and overtime rules.
    1. No extra security like the White House when the President/FLOTUS is present
    2. They didn’t have to submit to the kinds of rigorous background checks required if they’d been entering the White House in Washington. And there were no weapon screenings or bomb-sniffing dogs checking vehicles of the sort that have long been routine at public restaurants or other places where the president or first lady is present.
    3. Democrats attempting to obtain visitor logs, but none are kept
      1. Violation of records keeping laws?
      2. Could have secret/political/donor meetings there and no one would know
    4. “If the Secret Service can’t keep track of who has access to the president outside the White House then that’s a national security concern,” Udall said in a statement to POLITICO.
    5. https://secure.politico.com/story/2017/03/trump-visitor-logs-mar-a-lago-236564
    1. House votes Tuesday 3/18/17, HJ Res 86
    2. House passes bill. All republicans vote YES, all democrats vote NO
    3. Going to Trump for signature
    1. Trump tweets to watch FoxNews program Judge Pirro
    2. Judge Pirro proceeds to tell its viewers that the AHCA failure is solely on Paul Ryan’s shoulders, and that he should resign
      1. “Folks, I want to be clear. This is not on President Trump,” she said.
      2. “No one expected a businessman to completely understand the nuances, the complicated ins and outs of Washington and its legislative process. How would he know on what individuals he could rely?”
      3. And that she has not spoken to Trump about what her topic is going to be about.
    1. http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/326352-trumps-approval-rating-sinks-to-35-percent-poll
    2. Gallup Poll released on Wednesday
    1. Donald Trump has suggested that US libel laws could potentially be changed, in a tweet about negative press coverage of his presidency – particularly in The New York Times.
    2. In the tweet, the President has accused The New York Times of having “disgraced the media” by getting him “wrong for two solid years”. Mr Trump added at the end – in typically ambiguous style – “Change libel laws?”
    3. For the record, NYT’s stock is up 30%
    4. Remember when the failing @nytimes apologized to its subscribers, right after the election, because their coverage was so wrong. Now worse!
      1. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 29, 2017
    5. NYT did not apologize per Clifford Levy, Deputy Managing Editor
    1. Trump removes Obama-era anti-wage theft rule.
    2. Mar-A-Lago does not collect visitor logs
    3. Senate and House vote to allow ISPs to sell your internet history
    4. Does Trump want Paul Ryan to resign?
    5. Trump approval rating hits a new low of 35%, 1% lower than Monday (2 days ago as of writing)
    6. Does Trump want to change libel laws?
  2. Kentucky
    1. http://www.kentucky.com/news/politics-government/article141634149.html
    2. Beshear referred to the bill as a “power grab”
    1. …vetoed a bill known as “Tim’s Law” aimed at ending the cycle of jail, hospitalization and homelessness experienced by some who don’t get proper treatment
      1. It allows a judge to order outpatient treatment for up to a year for some people unable to recognize the severity of their mental illness and with a history of involuntary psychiatric hospitalization
    2. A line item within House Bill 471 that would have mandated all funds Kentucky receives from Volkswagon Mitigation Trust Agreement be held in an account that could not be spent without “the express authority of the General Assembly.” Bevin called this overly restrictive language. He said his administration will adhere to the agreement itself and spend the money “to the greatest benefit of the commonwealth.”
    3. Senate Joint Resolution 57, which names a number of roads in honor of people or historic events.
    4. All Four vetoes were overturned.  No debate.  http://www.kentucky.com/news/politics-government/article141460489.html
    1. Kentucky Senate Judiciary Committee sends law to entire senate that would limit the powers of Attorney General Andy Beshear.
    2. Matt Bevin vetoes bills
  3. General Quarters
    1. New York Times
    2. Washington Post
    3. (Donate to NPR or other less-biased publications)
    1. Ask for a no vote on Gorsuch – probably shouldn’t confirm a nominee in the last year of an administration
    1. Donate to the Sierra Club.  Kinda like the ACLU for the environment.
    2. Subscribe to Reputable News Agencies
    3. Call your representatives and senators
  4. Super Happy Fun Time
    1. https://arstechnica.com/science/2017/03/live-today-spacex-attempts-to-launch-a-flight-proven-rocket/?comments=1
    2. First time in history a rocket used for a launch was then refurbished and used again.
    3. Rocket was estimated to be a 30% savings for SpaceX’s customer.
    4. SpaceX likes to refer to the used rockets as “Flight Proven”.  Pretty solid marketing.
    1. https://electrek.co/2017/03/25/california-air-resources-board-votes-to-keep-emissions-requirements-vowing-to-protect-the-environment-even-if-the-epa-wont/
    1. Would ISPs go along with this? As a direct attempt to paint this new “right” they have in a bad light, it seems like ISPs would refuse to cooperate. It doesn’t hurt to hope the threat sparks some thought
    1. Completed more spacewalks than any other woman, and is oldest @ 57
    2. Completed 8th spacewalk of career on Thursday
    3. Whitson broke the former record set by Sunita Williams, at 50 hours and 40 minutes of pure spacewalk time. This is Dr. Whitson’s third trip to space, though she has spent 500 days in total out of earth’s oppressive boundaries.
    1. Travis – SpaceX Successfully Lands their first Used 1st Stage Rocket.
    2. Dave – California (like Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon) giving the big middle finger to Scott Pruitt’s EPA by saying they will be keeping their emissions standards to help preserve the environment even if the EPA wont
    3. Dave(again?) – And also the card against humanity creator says if the internet privacy revoke bill is signed, he will personally buy the history of all of the sponsors
    4. Dave(with a third item?!) – And also Dr Peggy Whitson, first woman to command the ISS, broke another record
    5. Bob –
    6. Curtis – Dammit, Travis is faster at the internet than me, yet again! (SpaceX rocket-reuse is cool).

Special Bonus: Trump Cat Moving Things: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnu9vTSLMXo