Episode 06: Show Notes and Sources

  1. History’s Greatest Monster
    1. Chairman Nunes apologized to the committee for going to the President first with the investigation information about the President
    2. “I felt like I had a duty and obligation to tell him because, as you know, he’s taking a lot of heat in the news media”
    3. The intelligence chairman shared few details on the intelligence report, but Trump and conservatives quickly latched onto Nunes’ comments, using the revelation to claim that Trump’s baseless accusation that President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower was proven correct.
    4. The chairman of the House intelligence committee has backed down from his dramatic assertion that Donald Trump and his aides were “monitored,” by U.S. spies — a claim the Republicans have cited this week in emails to loyalists.
    1. Senate Democrats who want to make a deal to support Gorsuch for SCOTUS
      1. Taken from a Twitter thread by Seth Abramson – U of NH professor/WaPo writer
    2. Gorsuch is a qualified, ABA-supported nominee
      1. Even if his ruling on not educating disabled children blows
    3. Proposed deal – Gorsuch gets seat in exchange for Republican promise to not nuke the filibuster on a future nominee
      1. Garland gets the seat and Democrats agree to confirm Gorsuch for the next opening
      2. A Senate agreement that no president gets to confirm in the last year
        1. Take their goofy idea and make it a real Senate rule
        2. If Republicans agree to it, we’ve just shifted the window of when a POTUS gets to nominate and it’s a wash
        3. If Republicans don’t agree to it, gives Dems way moral highground
      1. But there’s nothing preventing them from nuking the filibuster as it stands
      2. Republicans are bad faith actors – we know they’ll ignore the constitution if it suits them, like preventing a nominee in the last year of a presidency
      3. Credibility of the SCOTUS has been compromised due to political interference
      4. What we need is one of two things –
    4. Anonymous Senators trying to save themselves in red states from 2018
    1. The creation of AHCA and Trump’s budget proposal, respectively
      1. The idea of healthcare being full of state-dependent differences/distinctions is just one more thing that would make journeying/moving to different states terrible.
    1. Travis – Paul Manafort for working with Russian Oligarch Oleg Deripaska to benefit Putin.
    2. Dave – Rep. Nunes for going straight to Trump with House Intelligence Committee information instead of sitting on it. Also for his continued questioning of ‘leaks’ during Comey questioning.
    3. Bob – dropping Sessions every week bit – he’s laying low since he met with Kislyak three times
    4. Curtis – Paul Ryan or Mick Mulvany
  2. “The big list” –
    1. https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2017/03/senate-votes-to-let-isps-sell-your-web-browsing-history-to-advertisers/
    2. Needs to pass the house still.
    3. Dear god why.
    1. Born in Kent, 52 year old person kills 4 and injures 40, attacker dies during attack
    2. British police on Thursday identified the lone attacker accused of carrying out a deadly knife and vehicle rampage as Khalid Masood, a 52-year-old British-born man who had a criminal record but was not suspected of plotting to “mount a terrorist attack
    3. Known to MI5 – dismissed as a “peripheral figure” and disregarded
    4. a black-clad assailant, armed with two long knives, drove his car through a crowd of people on Westminster Bridge before stabbing a police officer to death on the grounds of Parliament.
    5. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack – no proof of a direct link
    6. Hardest kind of terrorism to stop – used knives and an SUV
      1. Except the guy is from Kent
      2. And Sebastian Gorka is an actual goddamned Nazi
        1. VR is a Hungarian order that the US State Dept classifies as linked to Nazism
        1. Boot was John McCain’s FP adviser
        1. Deputy National Security Advisor to Trump
        2. According to 2 members of Vitezi Rend, Gorka is a lifelong member
        3. If not a Nazi, he is at least an anti-Muslim extremist per Max Boot
      1. Nothing illegal done until he got to the bridge
      2. Probably just a thing we’ll have to live with in the 20th century
      3. Unlike gun violence which you could fix by outlawing gun ownership!
      4. Sebastian Gorka goes on Fox to use the attack to justify the Muslim ban
    1. FBI Director Comey and NSA Chief Mike Rogers testifies in front of House Intelligence committee
      1. Trump’s tweet, which read, “the NSA and FBI tell Congress that Russia did not influence electoral process,” took an exchange between NSA Director Mike Rogers and Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) that occurred earlier during the hearing well out of context. The director of the NSA, an intelligence agency focused abroad, said it had no evidence of actual vote tampering. The White House turned this response into a denial that Russia influenced the electoral process.
      1. FBI Director Comey confirms that there is an investigation on the relationship between Russia and the Trump presidential campaign.
      2. http://edition.cnn.com/2017/03/20/politics/comey-hearing-russia-wiretapping/index.html
      3. Also confirms no evidence of President Obama wiretapping or otherwise surveilling Trump tower during the election.
      4. Rubio in 2016 “Can this country afford to have a president under investigation by the FBI?” “Think of the trauma that this would do to this country.”
      5. “Most honest people I know are not under FBI investigation, let alone two.” – Kellyanne Conway 10/28/2016
      6. “With respect to the president’s tweets about alleged wiretapping directed at him by the prior administration, I have no information that supports those tweets,” said Comey. “And we have looked carefully inside the FBI.”
      7. A 2:25 p.m., Rep. Jim Himes (D-CT) asked Comey about this tweet from the official presidential account, operated by a White House staffer, that posted at 1:42 p.m
      8. Later in the hearing, Comey confirmed that both the Democratic and Republican parties were hacked in 2016 by Russians, but that the only information released was hacked from Democrats.
    2. Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign manager, secretly worked for Russian Billionaire to advance the interests of Vladimir Putin.
      1. http://www.politico.com/story/2017/02/manaforts-ukrainian-blood-money-caused-qualms-hack-suggests-235473
      2. “Dad and Trump are literally living in the same building and mom says they go up and down all day long hanging and plotting together,” Jessica Manafort wrote. “Gross,” Andrea Manafort responded, prompting Jessica Manafort to come to their father’s defense. “Its really amazing opportunity at 67 years old. And he is basically running the campaign now He is so happy,” Jessica Manafort wrote.
      3. He was the campaign manager for three months! Longer than Bannon!
      1. https://apnews.com/122ae0b5848345faa88108a03de40c5a/Manafort’s-plan-to-‘greatly-benefit-the-Putin-Government
      2. Worked on an ambitious political strategy to undermine anti-russian opposition in former Soviet republics.
      3. Proposed as early as 2005 that he could influence politics, business dealings, and news coverage inside the US, Europe, and former Soviet republics.
      4. Manafort was working with Oleg Deripaska, a close Putin ally.
      5. Maintained a business relationship with Deripaska until at least 2009.
      6. Manafort had previously stated that he had never worked for Russian interests.
      7. As the Trump administration tries to distance themselves from Manafort, his daughters make it clear that they have had a close relationship through text messages hacked from their phones.
      8. Makes it easy to connect dots from Putin to Trump – only go through Manafort
    3. Rep. Devin Nunes reaches into his party’s magic hat of distracting claims, pulls out a putrefying rabbit and throws it down like a flashbang, and shits on the coats.
      1. The intent being to gum up the current proceedings and give credibility to Trump’s “wiretap” claim.
      1. http://thehill.com/homenews/house/325404-nunes-regrets-briefing-trump-before-intel-panel
      1. Wednesday afternoon
      2. announced that he had learned (from a “credible source”) that then-President-elect Donald Trump and some of his staff had been caught up in U.S. surveillance of foreign targets overseas in the months after the election.
      3. Spicey did read, word for word, from Nunes statement as vindication that Trump was wiretapped during Obama administration. Still nothing saying that Obama ordered the wiretapping like Trump claims. All over conservative talk shows, news networks, etc
      4. Nunes shared the information with the White House and is now refusing to provide the same information to the intelligence committee.
      5. This actually sounds really bad for Trump – IC is watching Russian diplomats and Trump officials pop up – this doesn’t justify his wiretapping claims, it raises more questions about what his campaign officers are doing meeting Russian officials
    4. CNN reports that “The FBI has information that indicates associates of President Donald Trump communicated with suspected Russian operatives to possibly coordinate the release of information damaging to Hillary Clinton’s campaign,”
      1. Manafort – lobbied for Putin in DC until at least 2009
      2. Roger Stone – bragged about coordinating with Guccifer 2.0
        1. Hacker who released the emaisl to Wikileaks
        2. GRU operative
      3. Flynn – paid operative of RT, gave speeches for Russian companies
      4. Sessions – met with Russian ambassador while a campaign surrogate
      5. Carter Page – under investigation for suspicious links to Kremlin since September 2016
        1. Praised Putin, criticized US policy and sanctions
        1. Foreign policy advisor and former Merrill Lynch employee
        2. Appears  to be big investor in Gazprom/Resneft
        3. Not currently a part of the Trump White House officially
      1. Had been working with Ukrainian prosecutors as a whistleblower
      2. Fled to Ukraine in fall 2016 after fearing for his life
      3. Was due to testify against ex-President Yanukovich, Putin’s puppet
        1. The same guy that Paul Manafort worked for
      4. Currently investigating a smuggling ring in Moscow that involved higher ups in Putin’s cabinet
      5. Shot in the head Thursday morning in Kiev
      1. http://www.cnn.com/2017/03/22/politics/us-officials-info-suggests-trump-associates-may-have-coordinated-with-russians/index.html
      2. Previously only circumstantial evidence linked the campaign to Russia
      3. “human intelligence, travel, business and phone records, and accounts of in-person meetings.”
      4. First possible confirmation of a real link between Trump campaign and Russia
      5. Denis Voronenkov – former Russian MP and critic of annexation of Crimea
    1. House vote delayed until Friday 3:30PM
      1. Was pulled at the last moment, still no way to pass in the house, even with republican majority.
      2. Trump delivered ultimatum that appears to have backfired
      3. Will the House table the AHCA for now, or will they revisit?
      4. Paul Ryan went to Trump mid-day to say he still doesn’t have the votes. Spicer confirms that vote still scheduled for 3:30PM Friday. All or nothing.
      5. Mr. Trump, in a telephone interview moments after the bill was pulled, blamed Democrats and predicted that they would seek a deal within a year, he asserted, after “Obamacare explodes” because of high premiums.
    2. House vote expected Thursday
      1. Paul Ryan is now planning on holding a vote Friday.
      1. Late Wednesday, the White House and House leaders were still scrambling to boost support, and signaled at the 11th hour a willingness to rework the measure to mollify conservatives. On Thursday morning, House leaders postponed a 9 a.m. meeting of the entire GOP Conference, signaling that negotiations were still underway.
      2. As of late Thursday morning, 36 House Republicans — mainly conservatives — had announced their opposition to the bill. House Freedom Caucus
      3. White House press secretary Sean Spicer told reporters that the measure would pass the House, adding that there is no Plan B if the proposal goes down.
      4. The flurry of activity Thursday represented a profound shift from GOP leaders’ previous strategy, under which they insisted that the changes sought by hard-right members would render the bill unable to pass the Senate.
      5. House leaders postponed a vote Thursday on their plan to overhaul the nation’s health care system, as they struggled to meet demands of conservative lawmakers who said they could not support the bill.
      6. Late Thursday night President Trump issues ultimatum: “Vote for the current GOP health care replacement plan or leave the Affordable Care Act in place and suffer the political consequences.”
      7. Vice President met with the House Freedom caucus Thursday to discuss maternity and pregnancy care. Trying to get rid of the ‘essential health benefits’ portion of the ACA that is staying under the AHCA. Problem? All males.
    3. House Freedom Caucus, which has 36 members, originally said they would vote against, now is not publically stating how they will vote on Monday. Big hurdle for House GOP
      1. No longer voting as a bloc so each member can now be courted
      2. Many Freedom Caucus members who left the group’s Capitol Hill meeting Monday night said they remained sharply opposed to the legislation.
      3. Koch Brothers promising a million dollar fund to help any GOP congressman who votes no on the bill – weird allies
    4. Changes include faster repeal of ACA taxes, further restricting the federal Medicaid program, specific legislation that New York state counties can keep funds they would send to the state to fund Medicaid at the state level, allow the Senate to beef up tax credits for older Americans who could see major increases in premiums under the GOP plan
      1. That , aides said, was done to ensure that the House bill would comply with Senate budget rules and to ensure that the CBO could release an updated analysis of the legislation before the Thursday vote.
      1. Trump won the backing of Palmer and several other conservative House members Friday when he agreed to make changes to the Medicaid portion of the bill, including giving states the option of instituting a work requirement for childless, able-bodied adults who receive the benefit. Those changes were included in the leadership-backed amendments that will be incorporated into the bill before it comes to a final vote.
      2. Republicans were against ‘state specific deals’ that helped pass the ACA in 2009 and 2010, called “Cornhusker Kickback” in Nebraska. Doing the same now, no complaints. In fact House members from NY wont vote yes unless its included
      3. MacArthur said he was assured that the bill would do more for older and disabled Americans covered under Medicaid and that an additional $85 billion in aid would be directed to those between ages 50 and 65.
      4. “That’s a $150 billion change in this bill to help the poor and those who are up in years,” he said.
      5. House leaders said they intended to provide another $85 billion of aid to those ages 50 to 64, but the amendment unveiled late Monday did not do so directly. Instead, the leaders said, it “provides the Senate flexibility to potentially enhance the tax credit” for the older cohort by adjusting an unrelated tax deduction.
    5. President Trump went to Capitol Hill on Tuesday morning to sell the House GOP leadership’s plan to overhaul the health-care system as the legislation races toward an expected vote on the House floor by the end of this week. Assuring Republicans they would gain seats if they passed the bill, the president told Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.), the chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, to stand up and take some advice.
      1. “I’m gonna come after you, but I know I won’t have to, because I know you’ll vote ‘yes,’” said the president, according to several Republican lawmakers who attended the meeting. “Honestly, a loss is not acceptable, folks.”
      2. https://www.washingtonpost.com/powerpost/trump-arrives-on-capitol-hill-to-sell-house-gop-health-care-package/2017/03/21/e8ede3d2-0e2b-11e7-9b0d-d27c98455440_story.html?hpid=hp_hp-top-table-main_acahouse-1025am%3Ahomepage%2Fstory
    6. Almost all GOP members — conservatives, moderates and otherwise — would like to undo more off the ACA’s “essential health benefits,” a litany of services that insurance plans are required to cover by law. They include things such as emergency-room visits and hospital stays, but they also include mental health, maternity, preventive care and prescription drug coverage that not all people will necessarily utilize.
      1. House leaders, including Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.), are insisting that any provisions rolling back the ACA’s essential health benefits are indeed extraneous. And not only are they extraneous, Ryan argued Wednesday, but if the House adds them to the bill, the Senate couldn’t just strip them out — it could no longer consider it as a privileged reconciliation bill needing only a simple, Republican majority to pass.
      2. “Look, our whole thing is we don’t want to load up our bill in such a way that it doesn’t even get considered in the Senate,” Ryan told radio host Hugh Hewitt on Wednesday morning. “Then we’ve lost our one chance with this one tool we have, reconciliation. It doesn’t last long. But if the Senate can add things to the bill, then we’re all for that.”
    1. https://www.washingtonpost.com/powerpost/gorsuch-begins-his-confirmation-hearings-monday-with-broad-support-among-republicans/2017/03/19/c9f7cef0-0d01-11e7-9d5a-a83e627dc120_story.html
    2. Democrats, led by Chuck Schumer minority leader in Senate, has said they will filibuster
      1. http://www.politico.com/story/2017/03/chuck-schumer-delay-neil-gorsuch-vote-236315
      1. Schumer calls for delaying vote due to Russia-Trump investigation
    3. Broad Republican support.  Not so much from Democrats.
    4. Gorsuch is said to follow the same constitutional interpretation as Antonin Scalia.
      1. Also said his hero was Byron White; he assisted with desegregation and some affirmative action, but dissented Roe v Wade, and Thompson v Oklahoma, which both seemed to highlight his conservatism.
    5. Hearing for Merrick Garland was blocked by Republicans for 13 months.
    6. During the second day of the Gorsuch hearing, the Supreme Court overturned one of his rulings unanimously.
      1. https://thinkprogress.org/while-gorusch-was-testifying-the-supreme-court-unanimously-said-he-was-wrong-33b9ff7eca77#.eld13845p
      2. https://www.ca10.uscourts.gov/opinions/07/07-1304.pdf
      3. Case was Thompson R2-J School District v. Luke P. a cause brought by an autistic student whose parents wanted reimbursement for tuition.
      4. Gorsuch ruled that school benefits for disabled students “must merely be ‘more than de minimis.” (Effectively, schools have met their obligations to their disabled students if they do a little more than nothing.)
      5. Chief Justice Roberts said, “When all is said and done, a student offered an educational program providing “merely more than de minimis” progress from year to year can hardly be said to have been offered an education at all. For children with disabilities, receiving instruction that aims so low would be tantamount to “sitting idly . . . awaiting the time when they were old enough to ‘drop out.’”
      6. When asked about this during the hearing, Gorsuch stood by his decision saying he was bound by precedent.  However, the 1996 opinion to which he was referring stated that the benefit conferred to the disabled student must be MORE than de minimis, not simple be de minimis.
    7. Historical decisions by Gorsuch –
      1. In 2013, he joined in an opinion by the full Court of Appeals holding that federal law prohibited the Department of Health and Human Services from requiring closely-held, for-profit secular corporations to provide contraceptive coverage as part of their employer-sponsored health insurance plans.
      2. And although a narrowly divided 5-4 Supreme Court would endorse that view (and affirm the 10th Circuit) the following year, Gorsuch wrote that he would have gone even further, and allowed not just the corporations, but the individual owners, to challenge the mandate.
      1. Hobby Lobby
    1. http://www.businessinsider.com/ivanka-trump-west-wing-white-house-ethics-concerns-2017-3
    2. She will not be an official government employee, will not be sworn in, and will not have an official title or position.
    3. Ethical concerns as she still owns her own jewelry and fashion line.
    4. Her own lawyer said, “She has the conflicts that derive from the ownership of this brand. We’re trying to minimize those to the extent possible.”
    1. Senate passes bill to allow ISPs to sell your browsing history.
    2. London terror attack – Khalid Masood – but fuck him, don’t say his name on the air -agreed
    3. Russia
    4. ACHA
    5. Gorsuch Hearings
    6. Ivanka Trump to get her own West Wing office, as well as security clearance.
  3. Lightning Round
    1. https://www.state.gov/r/pa/prs/ps/2017/03/269074.htm
    2. The US Government renews its stance of disparaging, ignoring, and forgetting about Native Americans.
    1. https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2017/03/report-tsa-will-ban-electronics-in-cabins-on-some-us-bound-flights/
    2. Senior U.S. administration officials said the rules were prompted by “evaluated intelligence” that terrorists continue to target commercial aviation by “smuggling explosives in portable electronic devices.”
    3. Items can be included in checked luggage.
      1. What sense does that make?  If it’s an explosive, the plan will be just as exploded if it’s in the cargo compartment.
      2. Maybe it gives authorities better opportunities to interact with the devices before they go back into the hands of the travellers.
    1. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/hes-baaaack-trumps-visits-to-mar-a-lago-are-stretching-palm-beachs-budget-and-locals-patience/2017/03/19/9f87d3cc-0cc0-11e7-9d5a-a83e627dc120_story.html
    2. Rapidly ballooning costs for overtime for Sheriff’s deputies to secure Mar-A-Lago
    3. Increased traffic problems, noise from aircraft, and protests.
    4. Latana Airport completely shut down, owner says he’s losing around 33% of his income when Trump is in town.
    5. Palm Beach County Sheriff met with Trump in February and told him about the increased expenses.  Trump’s response, “I’m going to take care of law enforcement, I’m a big supporter of law enforcement, you guys are doing a good job down here with the Secret Service, and I don’t expect that you guys are doing it for free.’
      1. No comment from the White House on whether they’ll be reimbursing the county.
    6. Spicer asked about Trump’s travel during a press conference:
      1. “I mean, Presidents always travel. And I think the President, wherever he goes, he carries the apparatus of the White House with us. That is just something that happens. The President will continue to go and travel around the country and have meetings to solve the nation’s problems.”
      2. The President has come under fire for rounding off his tenth golfing trip last weekend – many more trips than his predecessor – and costing millions of dollars for travel and security. He has spent every weekend in Florida since he stepped into office. Over four years, these travel and security expenses are set to stack up to $600 million.
    1. https://www.washingtonpost.com/powerpost/white-house-installs-political-aides-at-cabinet-agencies-to-be-trumps-eyes-and-ears/2017/03/19/68419f0e-08da-11e7-93dc-00f9bdd74ed1_story.html
    2. This is an unusual measure.  Clinton, W. Bush, and Obama did not do this.
    3. Those close to Gen. Mattis refer to the DoD aide as “Commissar”
    1. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/politics/g20-finance-ministers-statement-climate-change-fair-trade-trump-a7636956.html
    1. Trump’s ‘big, beautiful wall’ will require him to take big swaths of other people’s land
    1. Trump said on Twitter on Saturday – a day after meeting German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Washington – that Germany “owes vast sums of money to NATO & the United States must be paid more for the powerful, and very expensive, defense it provides to Germany!”
    2. German defense spending is set to rise by 1.4 billion euros to 38.5 billion euros in 2018 – a figure that is projected to represent 1.26 percent of economic output, Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble has said.
    3. “There is no debt account at NATO,” von der Leyen said in a statement, adding that it was wrong to link the alliance’s target for members to spend 2 percent of their economic output on defense by 2024 solely to NATO.
    1. They’re just doing what Obama did and it failed
    1. TransCanada now actually has a permit to build the Keystone XL pipeline.
    2. U.S. Bans Laptops and other Larger Electronic Items as Carry-On Luggage for flights originating from 13 Muslim Majority Countries.
    3. Residents of Palm Beach Increasingly unhappy with Trumps Frequent Visits
    4. White House Install Political Aides at Cabinet Agencies to be Trump’s Eyes and Ears.
    5. U.S. forces G20 summit to drop any mention of ‘climate change’ in statement
    6. Order given to start wall construction
    7. Germany rejects Trump’s claim it owes NATO and U.S. ‘vast sums’ for defense
    8. North Korea delivers the sickest possible burn to Trump
    9. Trump administration approves Keystone XL pipeline that had stalled under Obama administration
  4. Kentucky
    1. Allows unlimited number of charter schools to be approved by county boards and mayors of Lex/Louisville
    2. Teachers must be state certified
    3. Schools held to same or higher accountability standards as public schools
      1. Accreditation
      2. Open records
      3. Year/instructional time length
      4. Criminal background checks
    4. Students won’t be allowed to cross county lines unless there is a regional district
    5. For-profit entities are (probably) forbidden from starting schools
      1. Parents, teachers, school administrators, citizens, non-profits can apply
      2. Public school teachers can take a two year leave of absence to teach at a charter
    6. Must follow KHSSA rules for athletes
    7. This part isn’t so bad and is basically how the Catholic school system works
    8. HB471 – allows for the transfer of funds away from public schools to pay for charters
      1. Or not?
      2. Moving funds outside the education system
      1. Fuck this one
      2. Gives per-pupil funding to charter schools from local funds
      3. In Lex/Louisville, funds would be transferred to the mayor to be distributed
    1. Allows groups at public universities and high schools to religiously discriminate
    2. Not really a change for KY – LGBTq students already weren’t protected by any legislation
      1. LGBTQ students are not covered in anti-discriminatory laws
      2. Individual schools may create rules to cover them
    3. 2017 is the Year of the Bible in KY; but also 2016 was too
    1. Charter school bill in KY passes – HB520
    2. SB 17, religious freedom in schools
  5. General Quarters
    1. New York Times
    2. Washington Post
    3. (Donate to NPR or other less-biased publications)
    1. Ask for a no vote on Gorsuch – probably shouldn’t confirm a nominee in the last year of an administration
    1. Subscribe to Reputable News Agencies
    2. Call your representatives and senators
  6. Super Happy Fun Time
    1. https://arstechnica.com/science/2017/03/photovoltaic-ink-could-lead-to-easy-solar-panel-manufacture/
    2. Ink is perovskite made of iodine, lead, and methylammonium.
    3. Perovskites are less efficient than silicone and not as durable.
    4. Efficiency is about 17%, which isn’t as good as silicone, but it’s much cheaper to make.
    1. Senator Cruz and Rubio authored/sponsored the bill
    2. Per Elon Musk, the bill actually changes nothing and provides no new funding
    1. Redesigned the biological classification tree of dinosaurs
      1. Divided into bird hips (ornithischia) and lizard hips (saurischia)
    2. Made a giant database of dinosaur anatomical features and ran a tree-organizing program
      1. Ornithoscelida
      1. Supporter of Darwinian evolution and relative of Aldous Huxley
      1. Moved theropods (2-legged dinosaurs) into ornithischia
      2. Actually closer to the original 1888 classification of Thomas Huxley
    1. low dose of corticosteroids, which are sometimes used to treat sepsis, along with a bit of another vitamin, thiamine
    1. Travis – Photovoltaic Ink Could Lead to Easily Manufactured, Cheap, Solar Cells
    2. Dave – Trump signs NASA funding bill
    3. Bob – Matthew Baron – Cambridge grad student
    4. Curtis – Possible cheaper treatment for sepsis