Travis and Dave have a serious discussion about the Charolettesville Virginia rally, talk about North Korea, how Paul Manafort and the FBI are BFFs, and ask a favor.

Episode 26: 50 Cent Sympathy Card

Bob is out shopping for Swedish meatballs while the rest of the gang talks about the twitter war that reminds us of middle school, discuss Paul Manafort’s surprise visit by the FBI, we open our eyes as Matt Bevin comes up with a colorful new idea to combat the opioid […]

Episode 25: Surprise FBI House Party

We have a full crew again this week to break down White House leaks, Mueller’s shiny new federal grand jury, and of course, the rapid collapse of walking cocaine pile Anthony Scaramucci.

Episode 24: The Decline and Fall of the Mooch

The gang’s all here to talk about the riveting failure to repair Obamacare, middle school drama in the White House, and of course, the rise of the Mooch.

Episode 23: Rise of the Mooch